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       In eukaryotic cells, transcription is delicately regulated by transcription regulators, including transcription factors, co-factors, histone modifiers, and non-coding RNAs. Dysregulations of transcription, including both mutations of transcription regulators and mutations in the binding sequences of transcription factors, are found in human diseases, including cancers. We are working on transcriptional regulation of hematopoiesis and tumorigenesis, and are particularly interested in how transcription regulators, including PAF1 complex (PAF1C), the super elongation complex (SEC), MLL1, GATA1, and RUNX1, regulate hematopoiesis under physiological conditions, and how related transcriptional dysregulations induce human cancers.
Publications (Updated 2016.01)


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Book chapters and invited reviews

  1. Yu M, Cantor AB. Megakaryopoiesis and thrombopoiesis: an update on cytokines and lineage surface markers. Methods Mol Biol. 2012;788:291-303.


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