Scientific Research



       Our lab is interested in tumor immunology and tumor immunotherapy. Recently research results have been published in Nature Medicine, PNAS, Cancer Cell, Cell Host & Microbe,Molecular Therapy and Journal of Immunology.

Research interest
       Immunotherapy is important therapeutic strategy for both infection diseases and cancer. Recently, cancer immunotherapy has made huge success in clinical and was award the #1 breakthrough of 2013 by Science journal. Our laboratory aims to understand the immune related mechanism in tumor microenvironment and discover new therapeutic target for cancer therapy.
Aim1. Investigate how immune cells (Treg, MDSC, TAM etc) in tumor microenvironment suppress anti-tumor responses;
Aim2. Develop antibody-based anti-tumor immunotherapy;
Aim3. Develop T cell based adoptive cell transfer (CAR-T and TCR-T) therapy for cancer;



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